Welcome to Kingfishers Forest School

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world but themselves”

– Stephan Moss

Parent child groups

Weekly on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

Children ages 1-5

After School Adventurers

Mondays and Tuesdays (Term time)

Children aged 6-12

Party Packages

Host your child’s birthday at our beautiful forest school site with one of our party packages

Holiday Club

Fun during the school holidays for children aged 5-11 with our partners Woodland Adventure

Find us!

Willbridge Mill



BS30 6EX

What people are saying…

Explore at their own pace!

“I think the set up is fab and covers a wide age range. My son enjoys exploring the various sections in his own way, and he responds really well to the free-play aspect that they can explore at their own pace.”

Making mud cakes and singing!

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for letting us attend. We had such a wonderful time and both Harry and Maisie were talking about the campfire, making mud cakes and singing 5 Little Speckled Frogs all day! We hope we can attend again!”

There’s so much you’re doing well.

“I really can’t think of anything you can do to improve but there’s so much you’re doing well. It was so wonderful to see the children exploring the clay. I love how open-ended everything is.”

Can’t wait to come back!!

“We thought it was so so brilliant and I can’t wait to come back and do it again! It was so calming and thoughtfully put out.”

Cosy and full of adventure!

“I was really impressed with the set up. Although I have been a regular visitor to Willsbridge Mill for years, I didn’t even know that this section of the wood existed! It has a very ‘secret club’ feel about it – cosy and full of adventure!”

My younger one was mesmerised by being in the Forest.

“My child adored the session!!! We loved the child-lead, exploratory nature of the activities and the staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and supportive. It was great for a mother of two as my younger one was mesmerised by being in the Forest whilst the older one was engaged in activities encouraged by the leaders. We loved being around the fire and the creative part of the session of singing and story time. We cannot wait to come back next week!”